214ec6_53693b8464c077e7d10031f3a68a63e9We also open opportunities for those who want to help the development and improvement of our shelter, in the form of funds, building materials, builder or even yourself.

Our rescue activities has been increasingly burdened by the rising of fuel price, increases of other prices, as well as the dynamic in the field that are often not as simple as saying a magical mantra.

Therefore, we invite volunteers, animals enthusiasts, and animal lovers to become our monthly regular supporters. So that we can expand, increase our capacity, and be more militant and independent.

Mandiri Bank Account:

006-00-0746425-2 A/n Doni Herdaru Tona, KCP JKT Rawamangun Pegambiran

BCA Account: 881 025 5201 A/n Doni Herdaru Tona, KCP Balai Pustaka

Live Overseas? You can send donation through Western Union/MoneyGram. Kindly ask a full name, and there you go! Text to +6281219781976 and we’ll reply ASAP.

For those who wishes to donate stuff (medicine, used newspapers, disinfectant, dogs and/or cats vitamis, rescue tools, etc) or any other building material for our shelter, please contact the below for delivery address:

SMS/Whatsapp: 0812 1978 1976

LINE: doniiblis